“Cursed Plantation” by D.E. Grant —BOOK REVIEW

About Cursed Plantation by D.E. Grant::

Being trapped in the unfamiliar territory of Louisiana and forced into slavery is just the beginning of the horrific and degrading experiences young Giselle Morcheaux has to endure at the hands of her sadistic slave master, John Weatherford. His cruelty and merciless treatment of Giselle and the others on his plantation Cottonwood only serves to betray his mask of genteel Southern hospitality. His continued acts of wanton depravity inflicted upon Giselle reach the point where he unwittingly unleashes an evil and malevolent force beyond John’s comprehension that is hell-bent on destruction, retribution, and revenge.


**Slight Spoilers**

There is so much to say about this book, wow. Give me a moment…okay. “Cursed Plantation” is an incredible mixture of true horror and fictional horror. By that, I mean it takes an all too realistic account of a young woman forced not only to endure life as a slave, but the depraved and vile acts of her ‘master,’ and then gives her a grisly paranormal revenge.

The story centers around Giselle, a young girl from Haiti who finds herself stranded in Louisiana where she happens across John. The strange white man offers her and her father refuge and friendship, only to reveal an evil plot that lands both of them as slaves on his plantation. Giselle is subjected to the horrific life that countless people endured throughout our country’s bloody, irreparable past as well as being victim to violent rape over and over again. The overwhelming truth in this part of the story alone is enough to make one shiver, but there’s more…

The author gives us insight into John’s life. As the worst villains in life are, John is seen as an upstanding member of society. He has friends, family, success…he’s proud of his sons and wants the best for them. However, his actions and feelings behind closed doors tells a wildly different story. As typical of slave owners, he views the people forced to work for him as nothing more than tools that he can and does dispose of if they so much as look at him the wrong way, reminding them with each vile word that leaves his mouth that they are ‘worthless’ and ‘soulless.’ He takes advantage of the misfortune of his so called friends and even disregards his wife and daughter as having no purpose because they are ‘just women.’ Once again, there’s so much truth to John’s character that reading about him makes one take a more serious look at the people around them.

If these horribly realistic aspects of the story aren’t enough, the author delves further into horror by giving Giselle an untimely and gruesome end which sets in motion a terrifying curse not only on John, but his loved ones and his entire plantation. This includes illness, financial loss, natural disaster, tarnished reputation, nightmares, and visits from a fiendish creature that tricks each man into sex, only to torture and kill them. John is the last to succumb, after the years long terror finally destroys his mind.

While it is a nice thought that he was duly punished, this book is far from a happy end. The brutality starts in chapter one and extends relentlessly throughout the entire story. Giselle may have been avenged, but it remains that she underwent tremendous tragedy which took her life without any sort of peace. To me, knowing that there are real people who had the same or similar life just increases the treachery this novel presents.

I’d like to add that I loved how the story does not start in the typical “and they say the place is cursed” way, but rather takes it from the origin and moves forward. “Cursed Plantation” is expertly written in terms of language, grammar, character development, scenery, plot, and creativity. There’s much more to this story than I have commented on so I urge you to read it for yourself. It really draws you into the atmosphere and leaves you with the overwhelming sense that the characters are real and this all truly happened.

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**Postnote: I just found out a sequel is in the works! I’m so excited!

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