“Blood From A Stone: A lesbian vampire romance” by Rose Madon —BOOK REVIEW

About “Blood From A Stone” by Rose Madon::

Lark was framed for a crime she did not commit.

On the run and out of money, she answers an online advertisement to sell her blood to a strange older woman called Thea Sokolova. Everyone knows there’s no such thing as vampires, but nonetheless Thea drinks her blood and offers her an extra incentive: double the payment if they have sex.

But as what started as blood for pay slowly transforms into something unexpectedly tender, Lark’s past is catching up to her… and it turns out Thea may be much, much stranger than she ever realised.

BLOOD FROM A STONE is a lesbian romance novella. It’s weird and heartwarming and a little funny and quite explicitly sexual at times. All sexual content is consensual and is intended for 18+ audiences.


I can easily envision this becoming a box office hit movie. “Blood From A Stone” was intriguing from the very first line all the way to the end. I literally could not put it down and even stayed up late just so I could finish.

While I love vampires and minority characters, what really drew me to pick this up was my wife. One of her utmost favorite things is vampires and she is what you would call ‘homoflexible’ meaning though she likes men (clearly, *points to self*), she leans heavily in favor of women. She’s reading the book now and is completely enthralled.

The story begins with a quite unique classifieds ad: someone is looking to pay clean individuals for their blood. Lark, a woman who has fallen into the life of a criminal on the run thanks to her dirty cop ex who framed her for arson for leaving him, decides to answer. Even though she realizes it is unwise, she has extremely limited options for getting by, what with her picture posted all over the news and whatnot.

After meeting up with the mysterious stranger, a strangely charming woman named Thea, the two check into a hotel. During the process of having her blood drawn, Lark rambles nervously about herself and inquiring as to why Thea wants the blood. Does she need to pass some sort of blood test? Curiously enough, Thea simply answers that she’s a vampire.

Of course, Lark assumes it’s a fetish instead of truly believing the woman is what she says. This awkward conversation ends in Thea doubling the pay if Lark is interesting in making it a sexual exchange. From there, Lark continues seeing the vampire in a series of both sexy and sweet encounters, quickly realizing she is falling for the rich and possibly delusional stranger who drinks blood.

There is never a dull moment in this book. The author truly captures the mysteriously erotic nature that these creatures of the night have come to be known for while also creating an amazingly unique adventure. I love that the paranormal aspects of the story are not overdone. It gives a truly real essence to the story that keeps the reader wanting more, just like Lark.

In terms of grammar, character development, and plot, the book is also well-written. There is nothing typical about it. Even to the end, I didn’t know what was going to happen. So lovers of vampires, lesbians, romance, mystery, erotica…make “Blood From A Stone” a top reading priority!

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You can find Rose Madon on:
Twitter @rosemadon


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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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