‘Human Fetish’ by Rose Madon —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Human Fetish’ byRose Madon::

Genre: Lesbian, Erotica, Romance, Science Fiction

Sadie just woke up in a strange place and it’s only getting stranger.
Her captor is a woman with a lot of unusual questions and no idea how to make reassuring small talk. Sadie is told she’s been captured in order to participate in a medical experiment. Well, fuck that. But when Sadie injures her in an attempt to escape her prison, the woman takes her face off, and then things start to get really weird. Because aliens are here — here on Earth, here taking their fake human skin off in front of her — and this one likes Sadie a little too much.


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The premise is enticing and I absolutely love the title ‘Human Fetish’ (I mean seriously, how cute and clever is that?), but I was unprepared for how interesting this erotic romance would be.

Not only is it an intriguing take on first contact/alien abduction by making it a consensual sexual encounter, it presents a unique version of aliens and their culture that I haven’t yet seen. After their world becomes unsuitable to live on, this amphibious race sets out to find a new home and wind up on Earth. However, instead of invading, they are focused on making sure their presence on the planet won’t negatively impact humans.

Even their abductions are peaceful. Their prisoners are referred to as ‘guests’ and while yes, the humans were kidnapped and forced into testing, they are treated respectfully. They’re even protected against mistreatment from the alien staff. When the boss sees that Sadie and her alien keeper Vulles are having non-procedural and even sensual encounters, he stresses to Sadie that she should not feel coerced into anything and reprimands Vulles for her actions.

This is what sparks the sweetest part of their romance, as Sadie tries prove she’s interested in the alien woman of her own free will while personally attempting to fully ascertain that it is not Vulles’ pheromones that has influenced her.

And ah yes, the sex… Slight spoilers here. I really enjoyed the human heroine’s reactions to her alien partner and the strange new ways of being intimate with her amphibious body. Vulles initially appears to Sadie as human, thanks to a technologically advanced camouflage. But after a malfunction with the suit, her beautiful blue skin and tentacle hair is revealed. Later, when the two decide to have sex with each other, we learn that Vulles has both a vaginal like opening and another tentacle which acts more or less like a penis although by Sadie’s admission, feels nothing like one.

The aliens’ appearance, technology, history, and procedure when dealing with humans is fresh and all the characters are believable and endearing. Another aspect I really enjoyed was how the aliens express emotion. Rather than moving their facial features as humans do, there are distinct patterns on their countenance that shift patterns and shape to relay different feelings.

Once again, Rose Madon shows her creative mastery by fully immersing the reader in new world and situation even within this short read. It left me both satisfied and wanting more!

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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