FREE BOOK~ “Human Fetish” by Rose Madon

413rw7l2CeL“Human Fetish” by Rose Madon
is free through January 17, 2019!

Genre: Lesbian; LGBT; Romance; Erotic; Aliens; Science Fiction

About: Sadie just woke up in a strange place and it’s only getting stranger.
Her captor is a woman with a lot of unusual questions and no idea how to make reassuring small talk. Sadie is told she’s been captured in order to participate in a medical experiment. Well, fuck that. But when Sadie injures her in an attempt to escape her prison, the woman takes her face off, and then things start to get really weird. Because aliens are here — here on Earth, here taking their fake human skin off in front of her — and this one likes Sadie a little too much.

HUMAN FETISH is a f/f erotic romance spin on the classic alien abduction and medical experiment narrative. If you like your aliens to be much more than just human and your romances explicit and a little funny, this is the story for you.

~~~ I will be reading and reviewing this title soon. I have also read and reviewed “Blood From A Stone” by Rose Madon.

Get your free copy of “Human Fetish” here!


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