“Moon Secrets” by Kenzie Mack —BOOK REVIEW

About “Moon Secrets” by Kenzie Mack::

Genre: Werewolf/Shifter; Fantasy; Erotica; Romance; Adventure

“John’s mission is to discover a common ground with Nathan, Ebony’s gruffest pack member. The prickly shifter is the only thing standing in the way of John’s future with the alpha.

When Ebony sends them on a secret outing, John learns there’s more to Nathan than a bad attitude. Nate is a skilled tracker.

An enemy to this ancient group of shifters is uncovered and John learns the truth behind the red eyes haunting him since his bonding with Daniela.

Deception and chaos lead to bloodshed. Can John’s tentative bond with Ebony survive?

This adult interactive story offers the reader the power to choose the heat level and John’s love interest. Enjoy reading the way you like it.”


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Moon Shadows
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John and Ebony are back in the most adventurous and suspenseful installment in this series so far! The sexy reader’s choice options continue with plenty of hot action while John delves deeper into the world of these alluring shifters.

As John continues on his path to bond with each pack member so that he may keep his place at his lover’s side, he learns the difference between shifters and werewolves. As well, the premature development of his powers helps to expose a newly introduced creature that just might threaten his happily ever after and the lives of the whole pack.

This was my favorite installment in the series thus far! And it left on a cliffhanger so I’m eager to get to the next book. I hope the author decides to continue the story. Please start with “Moon Shadows,” then read “Moon Dances” before this one so that you may fully appreciate the story.

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You can find Kenzie Mack on:
Twitter @MsKenzieMack
Facebook @MsKenzieMack
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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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