“Moon Dances” by Kenzie Mack —BOOK REVIEW

About “Moon Dances” by Kenzie Mack::

Genre: Erotica, Werewolf, Shifters, Romance, Fantasy

“John and Ebony’s relationship grows, but it’s not all fun, food, and frisky business. In order to gain a permanent place beside the alpha, John must successfully bond with each pack member.

The reserved blonde Daniela shares her past with John in a memory journey facilitated by Aaron. His bonding with Dani is successful, but the experience leaves John shaken when a hooded figure with red eyes appears.

Daniela’s outgoing mate Anna prefers getting to know John during a physical initiation which includes Ebony. John’s desire to become a member of this ancient pack intensifies and the constant friction he faces from Nathan leaves him on unsteady ground.

Reader’s Choice offers the best of both worlds. Choose to read at the heat level you prefer and pick John’s love interest.”


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“Moon Dances” is a great sequel that continues the inclusive ‘choose your path’ initiated in “Moon Shadows.” It’s about John’s next step into the world of shifters and leaving his old life behind. These werewolf-like beings have a very intimate culture in which new packmates must bond not only to their lover, but to the rest of the pack members as well.

Bonding isn’t necessarily sexual and is different depending on the member’s personality and preferences. Part of this ritual includes a sort of psychic connection that shares the intense memories of other members that impresses their emotions onto the other.

So in this installment of the series, we are not only treated to some more sexy scenarios, but some deeper moments as the histories and worlds of the characters are further explored. Please start with “Moon Shadows” to be able to fully appreciate “Moon Dances.”

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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