“Sign of Seduction: Arrogant Intent” by Eliza Loveless —BOOK REVIEW

About “Sign of Seduction: Arrogant Intent” by Eliza Loveless::

Genre: Erotica, Paranormal Romance, Lesbian/LGBT, Short Story

“Your immortal soul is a commodity that can be easily traded for anything in the world. You may consider this to be a good deal, except no one told you that when it comes to making that trade, Pandora is the devil hiding within the details. And when our bratty demon meets a cool, confident lawyer, things suddenly don’t go the way that Pandora expects.

Carmen Yang, a shrewd and talented lawyer, leads a world-class law firm into the modern age of Civil Litigation. Consumed with ambition, Carmen spends the majority of her years issuing subpoenas and interrogating witnesses.

On top of the world, and climbing higher, Carmen Yang Esq. is content in her place in the world. Then out of nowhere, Pandora walks into her office, and Carmen Yang is all too eager to accept Pandora’s attractive bid — except for one tiny catch that leaves Pandora sweaty and screaming against Carmen’s polished marble desk.”


I’m typically a person for whom creativity is the most important part of fiction except when it comes to erotica, then the most important is how well the author uses their words to arouse their reader. “Sign of Seduction” however, hits both extremely well! Not only is it fucking sexy, it’s got a fantastic premise and plot.

It’s an intriguing paranormal BDSM scenario that follows Pandora, a powerful spiritual entity who has grown bored in her pursuit of making deals and gathering souls. That is until she happens across one exceedingly peculiar individual, a lawyer by the name of Carmen. Why is she so easily drawn into the role of submissive for this human even without the promise of her soul in return and when such a position is entirely new to Pandora?

I’d like to note my appreciation for the author’s reiteration of consent in the story. Even after an intimate relationship has been established, it’s important (and exceedingly simple) to maintain a thorough understanding of consent. At the beginning of each session with Pandora, Carmen once again asks for permission before proceeding.

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Eliza Loveless can be found on:
Twitter @LovelessEliza
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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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