“Eve & Adam” by Sara Kjeldsen —BOOK REVIEW

About “Eve & Adam” by Sara Kjeldsen::

Genre: Realistic Fiction, Tragedy, Short Story, LGBT, Mental Health

“Adam meets Eve, a girl who lives in the cult village, on the afternoon he decides to kill himself. Her whimsical charm pulls him away from his suicidal ideations, but he soon learns that she holds a world of darkness within her that rivals his own.
They long to escape their suppressive backgrounds, but there are people in Adam’s town who already have other plans for him.”


“Eve & Adam” is a dark and somehow uplifting short story. It follows two young adults from different yet tragically similar backgrounds.

Eve, a woman from the ‘cult village,’ appears to be suffering from some sort of mental illness. It is perhaps bipolar or borderline personality disorder, but is never directly stated. She is a curious, somewhat rebellious person from a sheltered and exceedingly religious world.

Then there’s Adam, a man from a neighboring city who although less protected, is haunted by equally religious relatives and church ‘friends.’ Adam is also suffering with bad mental health; depression brought on by the tragic loss of his past lover to these religious extremists and the subsequent events.

On the day Adam journeys to the edge of the village to sit in nature with a plan to end his own life, Eve happens by. Something about the strange girl encourages him to stay alive and seek her friendship so they may flee their oppressive atmospheres.

At this point, it appears to be a love story and it is of sorts, but not the kind initially anticipated. It is a beautifully written short that I highly recommend. Both the twists and the straight-forward parts of the plot are equally enthralling.

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Sara Kjeldsen can be found on:
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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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