“Moon Shadows: A Reader’s Choice Tale” by Kenzie Mack —BOOK REVIEW

About “Moon Shadows” by Kenzie Mack::

Genre: Erotica, Fantasy, Werewolf

“Fresh from a break-up, John’s routine jog becomes a run in with fear when he is surrounded by a pack of larger-than-life wolves. There’s no time to wonder how these creatures arrived in non-wolf country, California. They want a snack and he’s the only item on the menu.

When the alpha arrives, John is given a choice. Surrender to his previously hidden animal instincts or leave and never look back. Something in the fierce creature’s eyes holds him enthralled. By night’s end, his life is changed—forever.

This adult tale offers an interactive reader’s choice. You pick whether the pack’s alpha is a She-Wolf or a He-Wolf. Or read both versions.

How steamy do you like your romance? The heat level of this adult adventure is placed in your hands. Read John’s journey in its entirety. Or skip past the hotness to the happily ever after.

Reader’s choice gives you control. Enjoy reading the way you prefer.”


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I have never before come across a ‘choose your own path’ erotica and this made for an interesting read. The story is well-written, sexy, and inclusive. The protagonist John is described to be somewhere on the bisexual scale. As a pansexual myself, I found this extra enthralling.

When he’s confronted on a nightly jog by eerie wolves who turn out to be shifters, the story allows the reader to choose whether he will mate with a she-wolf or a he-wolf. From there, the options continue as to what the reader wants to see happen. Of course, I read all the options.

The story is quite sexy, but also interesting in other ways such as the lore surrounding the werewolves and John’s own background. Definitely a great read for fans of erotica, wolves, shifters, and fantasy.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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