“With the Courage of a Mouse” by Donna Sager Cowan —BOOK REVIEW

About “With the Courage of a Mouse” by Donna Sager Cowan::

Genre: Kids, Adventure

“Catt the cat is without a home or even a real name. After she is dumped in an alley, snarling dogs chase her straight through a hidden portal and into Sweet Meadows.

Catt sees a mouse fall from the sky. He’s not just any mouse, he is wearing a vest and coat.

Simon Cheddar is a mouse with a plan. He’s also a collector. He likes to recycle, but he feels safer with full pockets. Simon wants to be a Superhero, so he enrolled at the Superhero School in Sweet Meadows. Today is his first class and he doesn’t want to miss a thing.

Outside Sweet Meadows, in Mouseville, Simon’s home is attacked by cats. Everyone suspects Catt, except Simon.

Did she do it? Or, is she being set up?”


I absolutely adore this story! It’s destined to become a #1 Family Favorite. I’d love to see it made into a movie. Initially, I expected a fairly simple children’s book, but the in depth world and characters blew me away. Also, the illustrations are adorable.

“With the Courage of a Mouse” introduces us to Simon, a clever mouse who stumbles across Catt, a feline who quickly claims the clever rodent as her best friend. The unlikely pair head out for Superhero School where they will learn what it truly means to be a hero.

The first thing that really drew me into the story was Catt’s back story. Now in Sweet Meadows where animals rule, Catt reveals her origins in a terrible place called California where she was mistreated by her owners and finally dumped when they got tired of her. Simon sympathizes with her situation and despite the distrust of cats ingrained in him by his family and friends in Mouseville, agrees to help her out.

The story deals with the courage to do what is right despite how hard it might be and how everyone has a special gift that can be used for great good. Along their journey, Simon and Catt deal with hateful bullies, evil master minds, betrayal from loved ones, and a multitude of problems I did not expect.

The story is masterfully crafted. While maintaining a kid friendly atmosphere, it draws interest from teens and adults as well. The plot is complex yet not above the grasp of young minds. I’ll definitely be recommending this to friends with kids and will be looking forward to reading the next book myself.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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