“All the Lonely Hearts” by Ella Rye —BOOK REVIEW

About “All the Loney Hearts” by Ella Rye::

Genre: Poetry

Has given me a reason
To breathe
A reason to be

It comes in many forms. One of those can be music. Be it the melody, or the story it’s trying to tell.

All the Lonely Hearts is an exploration of inspiration. Be it the melody, the story, or even a word. Ella Rye brings these two worlds crashing together. Each poem is inspired by a song.

All the Lonely Hearts is a collection of Free Verse Poetry.”


I found how the author shared her fully original work by accompanying it with their inspiration very interesting. We all relate quite heavily to music even though our preferred genres may be different. By listing the songs which inspired her poems, the reader is able to easily find common ground with both artist and author.

I’ll admit that I initially expected to find the poems to contain numerous obviously altered lyrics from the songs so I was thrilled to see that wasn’t the case. Instead of simply retelling what the songs say, the author shares her own experience and thoughts which in some cases seem entirely different from the song inspiration.

I think this is important because everyone has a unique point of view, reaction, and interpretation so regardless of if we’re listening to the same song, what it provokes in me will be different from what it does to you,. This collection gets you to see these songs in a light you may not have considered before.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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