“Prelude: Borderlands Book 0” by Charles Gull —BOOK REVIEW

About “Prelude: Borderlands Book 0” by Charles Gull::

Genre: Science Fantasy, Action, Adventure

“Facing down the insanity of the Borderlands, Captain Ganse leads a handpicked team of Aether Guards on patrol. Long trained and battled hardened, this band of heroes must forsake magic and hunt the vile Spawn with deadly determination, simple brutal weapons and obscure advice buried in an ancient book.
What starts as another routine sweep soon becomes a battle for survival as they are challenged by horrors powerful beyond record. Now, not even skill, experience and the Captain’s unique family legacy can guarantee the patrol’s survival. In a chain of battles where the soldiers must win every time but the enemy needs but a single victory, can the patrol triumph or will the Realm’s dark blood finally choke the bright heart of their homelands?
Grimmdark meets Bronzepunk in this action packed novella that launches a unique hard fantasy epic set in a deeply immersive character centred world.”


This book is a short introduction into Charles Gull’s “Borderlands” series. Following a group of soldiers as they attempt to take on the terrifying beasts which threaten to invade their homeland, it’s full of action and intriguing obstacles.

The story is well-written and detailed, creating an atmosphere that’s easy to get drawn into. My only complaint is that the characters don’t seem very well developed. The entire story is one long string of battles and fighting with the only real insight into the protagonist’s feelings and past made at the very end.

HOWEVER, like I said, this is just a short introduction to the world. I’m sure that in the next novels, there is much more to be learned about the characters. So whet your appetite with this taste of the universe of “Borderlands” and if you find the atmosphere as interesting as I did, move onward to the next installments.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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