“Glue: Dacia’s Diary Book 1” by D.W. Plato —BOOK REVIEW

About “Glue” by D.W. Plato::

Genre: Realistic Fiction, Addiction

“A love story full of drugs and betrayal.

Dacia thinks she’s escaping a miserable life with her emotionally abusive husband only to get caught up in a world filled with meth and sex. Her out-of- control lifestyle leads her into more than one sexual encounter with a variety of men. A friend with benefits turns into something more. A handsome sex addict’s fantasies take her to the brink of out-of- control passion. And Christopher, a man who is boy-next-door charming, cute and good to her who will do anything to get Dacia to give him a chance. The drugs coursing through her veins keeps her closely tied to the men and women that will certainly be her demise.

Convinced she is in control of her drug addiction leads her into making a series of wrong choices that puts her on a path she never expected. Without realizing it, she falls for the man she said she wouldn’t. Dacia’s life begins to unravel in ways she didn’t know it could when Christopher makes tough decisions of his own.

Fast-paced and edgy, Glue will take you on a roller-coaster ride and leave you craving more.”


***Slight Spoiler***

This book really delves into the slippery slope of addiction. The author doesn’t hold back, creating a chillingly realistic environment that draws the reader into the pain and struggle of the protagonist.

“Glue” begins with an account of Dacia’s short, but painful marriage to a manipulative and abusive narcissist. After implementing a plan that finally allows her to leave him, Dacia feels that her life is getting on track. She’s got a good job, a nice and affordable place to stay, and even bumps into an old friend of hers. However, it is very much this reunion that spells her downfall.

With her newfound freedom from a husband who controlled everything about her life down to when she was allowed to sleep, Dacia welcomes the youthful fun and partying she was robbed of by marrying at a young age. Going along with her friend, she soon finds herself in a world of drugs, sex addiction, abuse, and desperation which has her losing her health, her stability, and her will.

The story is rife with tragedy and countless moments that has the audience ricocheting between knowing nothing is going to get better for Dacia, and having a sliver of hope that maybe, just maybe, they might. By the time I neared the end of this book, I was absolutely certain that Dacia had lost herself forever, but I was proven wrong in a heart-wrenching yet positive conclusion that offers hope for those also struggling.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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