“Nightwalker: Wish & Mercy” by A.J. Gala —BOOK REVIEW

About “Nightwalker: Wish & Mercy” by A.J. Gala::

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance

“After her estranged brother returns home with news one fateful night, Tizzy Hallenar learns that her kingdom is headed for war. But can anyone really trust what Aleth says after he’s been gone for ten years, or is there something else to uncover? When she takes the plunge to investigate, what she finds is a whole other world desperate for her allegiance and hers alone. To make matters worse, this ‘whole other world’ is the enemy, and they promise her unimaginable power. If Tizzy wants that power to save her family, she’ll have to choose between siding with the enemy or leaving Aleth behind. Again.”


The world, the characters, the plot…everything in this book is incredibly well-developed. I love how the author presented several characters by flaw first, then over the course of the novel has you falling in love with them as you learn more about their past, their struggles, and mysteries revealed which shine new light on matters.

The story begins with the announcement of a family reunion which includes the royals of House Hallenar, but amidst the cheerful topics, an array of problems begin presenting itself. It starts with the not so pleasant pasts of the main characters and then launches into not only the revelation that a war is imminent, but an estranged brother showing himself after ten years.

While Queen Allanis focuses on preparing her kingdom for the coming battle, Tizzy slips off follow her brother in order to unravel the mysteries surrounding both the terrible headaches and nightmares that plague her as well as the reasons behind his disappearance.

At first focused on human affairs, the audience is gradually introduced to more magic and more species. All their interactions are interesting as is the author’s take on different creatures, such as the vampire-esque ‘Nightwalkers.’ Throughout the novel, many dark secrets and regrettable past experiences are brought to light, creating an in depth atmosphere full of powerful and conflicting emotions.

“Wish & Mercy” is an incredible start to what I’m sure will only continue to prove to be an incredible series.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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