“Concealed Power: Hidden Truths book 1” by Michelle Crow & A.A. Warne —BOOK REVIEW

About “Concealed Power” by Michelle Crow & A.A. Warne::

Genre: Science fiction, Romance, Thriller

“For centuries, Earth has served as the battleground for a secret war between a reptilian alien species and the clandestine human organization dedicated to eradicating this extraterrestrial threat. But when a single woman becomes the focal point of this brutal conflict, the fate of the planet alters forever…

Life hasn’t been easy for Riley Anbar since her grandmother’s death. Between struggling to run the family business, dealing with troubling psychic visions, and puzzling over unanswered questions about the parents she never knew, Riley is doing her best just to get by. After a pair of chance encounters with two mysterious men, Riley finds herself thrust into danger as both human and alien forces converge on her once-ordinary life.

But in this war, there is no clear boundary between good and evil. Both factions are determined to use Riley for their own ends, and they’re willing to endanger everyone around her to achieve their goals. Caught between the two men who have captured her heart and the secrets of her own past, what choice will Riley make when she discovers neither side is in the right?”


First and foremost: I fucking love this book! The authors have created a fully immersive world that reveals just enough at each turn to keep their audience in wonder. It’s an adventurous and mysterious science fiction with a touch of the paranormal and the most unique love triangle I have come across so far.

Riley, a mostly average woman who’s been having strange visions, meets two attractive and kind men. As she dates both, it becomes increasingly unclear as to which one she’ll choose to see exclusively. The dangerous and unexplainable events that begin to unravel does little to help her decision.

Interspersed with Riley’s experiences, the authors show what is going on with these two men. Secret societies, aliens, mind control, war… Just enough detail is given at each turn to make the reader question who is truly to trust, putting us in the shoes of the protagonist. Drawn into a path full of uncertainty, everyone second-guesses their loyalty, their intentions, and their feelings.

Grammatically and creatively brilliant, “Concealed Power” is a must read thriller.

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You can find Michelle Crow on:
Twitter @BM_Crow
Facebook @michellecrow.aawarne
Author Website

You can find A.A. Marne on:
Twitter @AAWarne
Facebook @AAWarne
Author Website


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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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