“Nocturnal Nightmares” by Melody Grace —BOOK REVIEW

About “Nocturnal Nightmares” by Melody Grace::

Genre: Horror, Short Story, Paranormal

“Nocturnal Nightmares is a place where dreams and dread intermingle to bring your fears to life. Each horrifying tale will creep into your mind and lead you down the path of true terror that awaits behind every lurking corner of this world. Turn out the lights, pull the covers up to your chin and keep an eye on the shadows.”


“Nocturnal Nightmares” is an excellent collection of creative and well-written horror shorts. My favorites were ‘Nocturnal Nanny’ (all parts) and ‘Someone is Stealing my Stories.’ Each tale weaves an immersive atmosphere with sometimes violent, sometimes just plain creepy consequences. There are also those that leave the author in suspense and others that are somewhat endearing in a chilling way. I believe there is a story here for each kind of lover of the paranormal and horror genres.

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You can find Melody Grace on:
Twitter @nocturnalnanny
Facebook @nocturnalnanny

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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