“V is for Violence” by Dean Tongue —BOOK REVIEW

About “V is for Violence” by Dean Tongue::

Genre: Thriller

“There’s a killer on the loose in Mason City. The Slither Killer is a man hating serial killer who targets only men through the art of seduction and manipulation. She leaves a little note to the police at each crime scene, informing them of her plan to eliminate as many pathetic men as she can.

Two men’s lives will change forever due to their involvement and interest in the Slither Killer – Detective Portway is the sexist woman hating cop assigned to the case of tracking her down and Dane is a writer and an avid feminist with an obsession for serial killers, especially the Slither Killer.

The three of them become involved in the most twisted love triangle of all time, and the Slither Killer manages to stay one step ahead of everyone as she manipulates or kills anyone who gets in her way.

It’s the ultimate battle of the sexes.”


Written in third person, “V is for Violence” follows the experiences of the self-proclaimed ‘Slither Killer,’ the investigator on her case, and that of two other men who are unwittingly drawn into the violence.

The ‘Slither Killer,’ a female serial killer who uses a plethora of aliases, targets men for the sole reason of their sex. She claims all men are vile and deserve to die. She doesn’t vet her victims, but rather chooses them at random. As long as they ‘have a dick,’ they’re fair game.

There are plenty of violent scenes as our serial killer uses sex to lure in her victims before fucking them and killing them. The two men she keeps alive for more than one encounter, she uses to make sure she is never caught as well as to ensure her name is known. Many new obstacles, some you may or may not foresee, are contained, including a pleasantly eerie end.

The story itself is really good. The author is clearly very creative, from the concept and the plot line down to what appears to be a message/comment on sexism from both sides and overall. The delivery could use a little work. The writing style comes off a bit amateurish at times, but it’s possible this was purposeful, meaning to be a reflection of the Slither Killer’s personality as well as the underlying points about sexism.

But like I’ve said many times: creativity is key. And this author has a creative mind. I will definitely be checking out the his other work in the future and I look forward to seeing them continue as a writer and perfecting their technique.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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