“Amethyst: Collected Poems” by RL Bartlett —BOOK REVIEW

About “Amethyst” by RL Bartlett::

“Sometimes there are things that can’t be expressed in words, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Enclosed in this chapbook are poems on topics such as disability, abuse, love, and politics.”


This collection of poetry deals with some heavy subjects. As as person who has struggled with mental and physical health most of my life, I found the sections on disability, illness, abuse, and love extremely relatable. Each of these poems is clearly heartfelt and can tug on the emotions of even those with perfect health and of various political preferences. Praise to the author for putting so much thought and so much of themselves into their work.

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You can find RL Bartlett on:
Twitter @bartlettwriting
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Author Website

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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