“Poetry Street” by Hari Hara Mishra —BOOK REVIEW

About “Poetry Street” by Hari Hara Mishra::

“Since time immemorial, poems have always been straight from heart. Only the Trend, Style, and Expressions change with changing times.
In contemporary times, in the age of Twitter, poems are deeply influenced by social media and are taking shape as short poems, say one-minute reads centered around topical themes.
The ‘Poetry Street’ is a collection of such Twitterli poems by Hari Hara Mishra on trending topics in 2019 as well as reflections on various aspects of life and living.
Take a break. Get started on a voyage to a world of one-minute poems. Happy Minutes.”


Regardless of what country you’re from or what political part you prefer, the poems contained in “Poetry Street” brings some meaningful views on socio-political issues. Originally thoughts posted to Twitter, this poetry collection shares the feelings of the author on numerous matters and urges the reader to try to understand what is really important regarding them. An enlightening read.

Buy the ebook here (FREE on Kindle Unlimited).

You can find Hari Hara Mishra on:
Twitter @hariharamishra


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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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