“The No Blinks” by Greg Ricker —BOOK REVIEW

About “The No Blinks” by Greg Ricker:

Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Thriller

Apocalyptic Action Thriller!-I dare you, to behold the stars. That’s right, I dare you. Aliens, zombies, and electrical storms threaten the Earth. Can a motley crew of prisoners aboard an enemy spacecraft save the galaxy from complete destruction?”


Whether it comes to aliens or something of the paranormal, I think a lot of us have had an experience which was either unexplainable or strange enough that it struck a chord. Something that didn’t exactly seem right and truly makes us question the universe, however slight the experience was. Greg Ricker has taken one such event that happened to him and created this adventurous tale of ‘what if?’ Moreover, ‘if I told you this was true, would you believe me?’

The story follows a human father from Earth as the world around him turns into an apocalyptic battle with the living dead. He and his son are in town when the attack begins. When they finally make it home and begin to barricade their family indoors, he is suddenly abducted by a bright light which lands him a captive on an alien ship. From there, he and beings from other planets must work together to escape and take down the powerful alien force threatening to destroy the universe.

The protagonist’s journey is fast-paced, full of adventure, tragedy, loyalty, and betrayal. “The No Blinks” makes the reader consider alien possibilities while longing for the world to stay simple and safe.

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Greg Ricker can be found on:
Twitter @GregRicker4

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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