“Platinum Jungle Cat” by Louise Sorensen —BOOK REVIEW

This story by Louise Sorensen comes from “Just a Minor Malfunction issue #1,” a collection of scifi shorts that brings together many talented writers who each share their own unique environment which gets the reader to really contemplate the depths of each scenario. About “Just a Minor Malfunction issue #1:”

Genre: Short Story; Science Fiction; Speculative Fiction

“Just a Minor Malfunction… is a science fiction digital magazine featuring professionally-reviewed short stories from indie authors. It will be published twice or more per year. It is edited, reviewed, and published by Michael S. Alter.

Issue #1 features stories from 12 authors: Mark Brandon Allen, Michael S. Alter, Stephanie Barr, Scott Michael Decker, Simon Guy, R C Larlham, Anne McClane, Jim Melanson, Marc Rokoff, Louise Sorensen, Kyle Stiff, and Paul Vincent. Additional story review was provided by Mel McElveen and Louise Sorensen.”


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“Platinum Jungle Cat” by Louise Sorensen was a great way to introduce this scifi collection. Even with the short length and fast paced writing style, the author provokes strong emotion from their audience and draws them into the experience of the main character.

The story introduces the crew of a space vessel that has become lost, as it slowly loses its members. It starts with a sweet scene between two lovers and follows the woman as she tries to survive. After hearing no news from her companion when he has deployed to a seemingly inhabitable planet, she goes after him to discover a world of platinum creatures.

Sorensen seems to have a gift at exposing a lot by saying very little. The story’s turn was unexpected and heartwarming in a strange way. The final revelations only magnified its purpose as the fate of these characters come full circle in a touching moment of eternal calm and certainty.

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Louise Sorenson can be found on:
Twitter: @louise3anne
Website: louisesor.wordpress.com


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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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