“Elizabeth: A Short Story” by Kelli Green —BOOK REVIEW

About “Elizabeth: Green Ivy Series Book 1” by Kelli Green::

Genre: Realistic Fiction, Tragedy

“Set in 1930, Marianna is a young woman in a new town. She becomes very close to a younger girl named, Elizabeth and the two form a sisterly bond.

This is the first short story in the Green Ivy Series.”


It’s amazing how well both the atmosphere and characters are built in this short story alone. With just a few words, the author draws you into the world and the characters lives, having you feel what they feel. It’s a tragic story and yet through the heroine, a bit of hope shines through. As it is a short story, I can’t say much except that it definitely worth the read. I’m very glad to know that the author is working on a full novel to accompany it because I absolutely want to know more!

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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