“30 Days Without Wings” by Tabatha Shipley —BOOK REVIEW

About “30 Days Without Wings” by Tabatha Shipley::

Genre: Fantasy

“Faeries are real.

Elise is a faerie who has experienced terrible heartache and just needs a change before she is forced to choose the path she will walk forever. She will risk everything for one chance at happiness. But is the cost of the risk more than Elise bargained for?”


This was an adorable and meaningful tale following a young faerie’s decision to give up her wings for one month in order to explore life as a human. Elise is a daydreamer. She likes to watch the kids at a human school and wonder what life in their world would be like. When she is granted a 30 day reprieve from faerie society, she has her dear friend magically change her into a human.

Elise has imagined that this will be the answer to all her problems. No more daily reminders of those she has lost and no pressure to choose what she must do with the rest of her life. At the end of this ‘manifest period,’ she will be able to choose whether to stay a faerie or permanently become human. But will she really enjoy being human, out of reach of everything she has known?

Elise begins to fall for a sweet and creative boy who teaches her the importance of facing your fears and growing up. These things should help her make her final decision and yet all they do is confuse her even more. Interactions with him, the other characters, and Elise’s reactions to multiple facets of human life are both cute and thought-provoking. As well, the details of the faerie world and other plot devices are quite interesting.

Want to find out what Elise decides and see more of her life-changing adventure?

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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