“Bluebonnet Road” by Florence M. Keaton —BOOK REVIEW

About “Bluebonnet Road” by Florence M. Keaton::

Genre: Historical Fiction, Realistic Fiction

“For Betty Nobles, 1901 is the year that started it all. At the tender age of thirteen, her exciting adventures range from overcoming hardships to finding her purpose in life while living in a small, Texas town. From nature’s wrath to wild animals to devastating disease, young Betty must learn to rise above these difficulties with the assistance of an extraordinary individual who helps her realize her hopes and dreams. Join Betty on her incredible journey to find herself through the significance of a place called, Bluebonnet Road.”


“Bluebonnet Road” is an incredibly wholesome story that follows a young girl’s experiences in the year 1901. After the death of a loved one, Betty Nobles and her poor family journey to a new home where she makes friends, enemies, and finds romantic love.

Betty is insistent that she ‘gets schoolin’ so that she can make a better life for herself, but finds that not all knowledge is contained in books. It can be found through the connections we make and the tragedies we endure. And plenty of tragedies take place both for and around her family that year. But the bad is balanced with the good; another lesson well learned by our young protagonist.

Coincidentally, I found “Bluebonnet Road” to fit in absolutely well with a few of the novels Betty reads during the book. When I was in elementary school, all I read were classics: Little Women, Silas Marner, Little House on the Prairie, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn… “Bluebonnet Road” took me back to those.

The book is impeccably written in terms of grammar, character development, plot, and atmosphere. I was so drawn in that I couldn’t put it down and had to read it in one sitting. Considering the length of the novel, I was surprised I was able. If you’re into stories about the human experience with a rollercoaster of emotions, pick up a copy of “Bluebonnet Road.”

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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