FREE BOOK!— ‘Bluebonnet Road’ by Florence M. Keaton

‘Bluebonnet Road’ by Florence M. Keaton

Genre: Historical Fiction; Realistic Fiction

Download for FREE 9/5/2020!

For Betty Nobles, 1901 is the year that started it all. At the tender age of thirteen, her exciting adventures range from overcoming hardships to finding her purpose in life while living in a small, Texas town. From nature’s wrath to wild animals to devastating disease, young Betty must learn to rise above these difficulties with the assistance of an extraordinary individual who helps her realize her hopes and dreams. Join Betty on her incredible journey to find herself through the significance of a place called, Bluebonnet Road.

Download for FREE 9/5/2020!

You can find Florence M. Keaton on:
Twitter @FMKeaton
Personal Website

If you love classics like ‘Little Women,’ you’ll love ‘Bluebonnet Road!’ You can see my review here, but suffice it to say it’s highly recommended to fans of the genre, of wholesome content, or of those who like to be taken on an emotional ride.

If you read, please leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever else you can. Reviews help authors tremendously! Also don’t forget to check out the author’s other work if you enjoyed this story.

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