“From Dawn Until Forever” by CD Baxter —BOOK REVIEW

About “From Dawn Until Forever: The WynderMyre Memoirs Book 1” by CD Baxter::

“Introducing The Lady Trieste WynderMyre. A Child of Two Worlds in more ways than one. Although, technically born on Earth, her roots are firmly into Seventh Heaven Universe.

Descendant of Two Noble Bloodlines, the Witches/Wizards of BirkeLand on her Mother’s side and the Duchy of MesaByrd, Vampires of Sanguis, on her Father’s side.

She’s 19 at the beginning of her stories, but a Prophecy uttered ages ago, will play an important part in her future…”


Presented as a historical account of the universe’s origin as well as the experiences of the main characters, this book is a fantastic supernatural fantasy. The format and detailed descriptions of the worlds, species, and the past of the involved families gives the story a strikingly realistic and immersive feel. Had this book been placed in the hands of a person a couple centuries or so prior, I have no doubt they would greatly question just how fictional it was.

“From Dawn Until Forever” details two worlds: The Seventh Heaven Universe and the universe containing Earth, as well as two species: the witches and the vampires. Lady Trieste WynderMyre is a young woman born of them all. Following the history lesson, the story delves into her experiences as she uncovers exactly who and what she is and what prophecy may be fulfilled by her existence and her future decisions.

Although witches and vampires are species we have all heard of before, I love the author’s unique take on them. The entire story-line including plot, characters, lore, and everything about the universe is very in-depth and creative. It’s like reading an intricate history book about worlds both entirely different from and yet familiar to what we know.

This book is the perfect escape for any reader seeking to be completely immersed in fantasy and adventure.

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CD Baxter can be found on:
Twitter @baxter_cd
Instagram @twmauthor_scot
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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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