‘Fated to Meet You’ by Despoina Kemeridou —BOOK REVIEW

About “Fated to Meet You” by Despoina Kemeridou::

Genre: Science Fiction; Time Travel; Romance

Tired of her boring life, one day she is magically transferred to the past. There she chooses to replace a dead princess, determined to live in that time. But there was only one reason for her time-travel; she had to break a curse that haunted the royal family for many generations. Will she be able to save her loved one and survive fate’s game?


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Time travel, a curse, danger, and love: the perfect recipe for a fairy tale.

“Fated to Meet You” is a paranormal romance that centers around a young woman from the current era who is almost repulsed by her boring life. A strange dream transports her into the historical realm of kings, treaties, and arranged marriages where she takes the place of a recently deceased princess. It seems like a fantastic change of pace until family secrets and evil plots begin to unravel around her.

After being betrothed to another kingdom’s ruler, she finds that the seemingly straight-forward arrangement is not what it appears. On this adventurous path, she finds love and sets forth to undo the terrible curse that plagues her new family. The question is: will any of them survive it long enough to find peace in the arms of their loved ones?

The author has created an endearing tale which constantly throws new information and twists at the reader. Even after all is said and done with the kingdoms of the past, the heroine’s journey continues to be full of curiosity and intrigue.

My only complaint is the length of the story. While it’s a great read, specifically one that can be enjoyed during during a single evening, I wish it was longer. The plot is quite intricate so I felt there were many more details that could have been shared, specifically with the interactions of the main character and her betrothed. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful story and definitely worth a read if you’re into romance, history, or the paranormal.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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