‘Of Darkness and Light’ by Despoina Kemeridou —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Of Darkness and Light’ by Despoina Kemeridou::

Genre: Poetry; Love; Loss

For light exists only with darkness, and darkness can’t be without light”

This is the path to light and darkness.
Only you can choose where it leads you.
And remember;
light and darkness exist together.
One can’t be without the other.
Two different things, eternally tied together,
forever destined to coexist.

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As said in the description, this poetry collection outlines just how true it is that light cannot exist without dark. In each poem, the reader can see both, but the thing I love most is how this theme can be seen in the book overall.

When reading from start to finish, it really feels like beginning very low and gradually getting into a better headspace. Knowing that you’re in a good place couldn’t have been possible if you hadn’t first known places of despair. While the poems can be enjoyed separate to their own, that continuity that ties all the poems together to where it can be interpreted as a single journey definitely drives the message home and makes the collection even more memorable. That being said, bits of dark are even seen in the lighter poems, which keeps with the theme of their coexistence.

This poetry is relatable and everything I expected from the author, whose other stories I’ve greatly enjoyed. When I was reading, it felt like I was actually the person being written about. Because of that, I also felt that I was climbing out of the dark and into the light along with the progression of the collection so it was heartfelt and inspiring as well.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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