FREE BOOK— ‘Come Hell or High Water’ by Evelyn Chartres

‘Come Hell or High Water’ by Evelyn Chartres

Genre: Scifi Fantasy; LGBTQ+

Tessa is blessed with beauty, youth, and a dutiful partner who will do anything for her. Yes, she truly has it all. So why does guilt gnaw at her when she sets eyes on her lover?

She is a prisoner of a world enveloped by a phenomenon known only as the fog, a blight that brought about a runaway greenhouse effect, shrank the polar ice caps, and choked off the flow of life-sustaining sunlight. The fading embers of her world are about to be extinguished. People are desperate, and everyone is on borrowed time.

As a witness to Tessa’s final moments on this apocalyptic earth, ask yourself this: With the sky out of reach, where will she run when the world turns to ash?

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Evelyn Chartres can be found on:
Twitter @EvelynChartres
Facebook @theportraitofawoman
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Evelyn Chartres is an amazing author of several free books. I have so far reviewed these works of hers:
The Van Helsing Paradox
The Grand

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