“Order of the Void” by Robert J. Vaughn —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Order of the Void’ by Robert J. Vaughn:

Genre: Horror; Occult

Internet vlogger Jeffery Bailey, attends the funeral of his dead best friend. While at the funeral Jeffery is given a package from his friend’s mother. After looking through the contents of the package, Jefferey learns that it was more than just a simple home invasion that took the life of his friend.

This book was an awesome ride! It follows the experiences of modern day ‘content creators’ as they inadvertently get drawn into the dangers of the dark and deep webs. We’ve all heard about the underground areas of the internet where you can buy or sell anything from drugs to weapons, to people or their very lives. We’ve heard the extreme stories of this place where the most dangerous and evil people lurk. Well, Robert J. Vaughn has crafted his own version of these horrors…and it’s not what you think.

I love any books that really reflect a certain real life era so I appreciated how “Order of the Void” was centered around our modern age of video-sharing, social media, and creepypasta. Not only is it relatable, but it is a story I think those in the future will look back on and be able to get a good feel of this time’s prevalent societal attributes and lore.

The story follows Jeffrey, or “your boy Jeffrey B” as goes his video introduction, after receiving a strange package from the mom of his recently deceased friend and fellow vlogger. He makes a vow to his friend to expose the evil persons who got him killed. But the more he finds out, the stranger and deadlier the situation becomes. Jeffrey posts videos to his followers at each turn of the craziness now surrounding him. And although the reader is privy to a bit more than his followers are, it still captures the feeling of being alongside that skeptical crowd. Is this for real? Just a show to get more viewers and wealth? Because after all if these people are actually what they say, they wouldn’t let him tell so much…would they?

There’s so much to comment on, but I don’t like giving spoilers. As I said, it’s written through Jeffrey’s experience as a popular vlogger so there is a lot of narrative where the reader is simply told what he is saying in his videos. However, the author has also put in enough action, dialogue, and inner thoughts that it doesn’t feel like that is all that is happening. It took several unexpected turns, not the least of which was uncovering the darkest secrets of the cult Jeffrey is stalking.

That part of the story is what really made this book so good. A lot due to the unique lore the author has crafted while also implementing some current superstitions and fear of those running the underground market. Because it’s not just some brainwashed humans drinking coolaid or sadistic serial killers who just enjoy hurting people or even a vengeful ghost. There are much higher, other-worldly stakes at play.

Jeffrey’s job to expose these people also entails police, secret government factions, escaped cult members, and runs much deeper than putting a murderer behind bars. These people very well threaten the entire world, but as our hero finds, they are not the only ones worth fearing. The entire story is ominous and action packed, even to the end. I would definitely love to see more stories from this author.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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