“The Sorting Room” by Angelina Singer —BOOK REVIEW

About “The Sorting Room: Upperworld Series Book 1” by Angelina Singer::

Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Science Fiction, Adventure

“Who decides where we are born and who we love?

Luna is an immortal entity in the Upperworld learning how to assign human souls to the body and life they’re intended for. Onyx is her mentor and guide there, teaching her everything she needs to know about assigning souls and dispatching them to Earth.

Everything goes well until Luna’s friend makes a major mistake and Luna is sent to earth after covering for her. In her absence, an unbelievable secret is revealed that changes everything she thought she knew about how the world works.

Will Luna survive long enough on Earth to fix things? Or will she succumb to the pressures and pitfalls of living life as a human girl before the entire system unravels?”


This story skirts the lines between fantasy and science fiction, two of my favorite categories. It introduces a world of immortals tasked with the responsibility of sorting human souls into lives that compliment their fate and development. Unlike the vast majority of immortal creatures, these beings are presented on a spectrum of mental development and intelligence.

There is the head immortal, Zephyr, who acts more or less like a god as he is the one who decides the events of every human life. Onyx is beneath him and sees to it that the sorting room workers are properly trained, and then we have Luna, our almost child-like heroine who was recently created and sent to work as a sorter.

When there is an accident with the placing of a human soul, Luna is sent to Earth to live as a mortal while she corrects the mistake by making sure the two fated lovers are brought together. During this journey which she is entirely unprepared for, Luna is abused and mistreated, landing herself on a path where she will never be able to return to her home in the Upperworld.

Meanwhile, Onyx is fighting the decision to send her in the first place. He feels connected to the young woman in a way he has never before felt. As he digs around to help her, he and his friends discover bitter truths and suspicious plots that unveil not only the nature of the misplaced human’s fate, but that of Luna’s and his own very existence.

“The Sorting Room” is an amazing balance of light and dark, treachery and romance. It’s an adventure sure to please fans of scifi, fantasy, and the supernatural.

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Angelina Singer can be found on:
Twitter @asinger320
Facebook @AngelinaSingerAuthor

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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