“Fortune’s Angel” by Christi Whitson —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Fortune’s Angel’ (Fates Aligned Book 2) by Christi Whitson::

Genre: Contemporary Romance; Realistic Fiction


She was my angel from the first moment I saw her.
It was wrong to pursue Charlotte. I knew better. I was practically her boss and way too old for her. But that didn’t stop me from following her home, and when I discovered her secret, I was desperate to help. The more I learned about my angel, the harder I fell, and now there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to make her mine, to keep her safe… No matter what danger lurks in the shadows.


It was hard to remember the last time anything had gone right for me. I was homeless, working myself into an early grave, and virtually alone in the world. But everything changed when Eli Brighton entered my life. Our connection was undeniable. Our chemistry, inescapable. He brought down my walls with a single touch, and I’m dangerously close to giving him my heart. But he’s a millionaire, and I live in my car.
How can I be his angel if he’s the one saving me?


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“Fortune’s Angel” isn’t so much a sequel to “Chance Encounter” as it is a spin off. It tells the story of one of the side characters from the first book. Just like the first installment, it is a charming tale that shows everyone can find love, though I did find the obstacles a bit more dark.

It follows Eli, a wealthy man who falls for Charlotte, a woman who is soon to work under him. He tells himself it’s inappropriate and yet his draw to her is undeniable. He finds out a lot about her including her great work ethic, her kind compassion, and the fact that she is homeless.

Charlotte has always been the one to look out for herself, always taking care of things without relying on others. However, when Eli steps in protectively, she realizes that she doesn’t altogether mind being taking care of for a change. The two start on this journey together, but come to realize that neither one of them can always be that perfect protector.

I absolutely love how they take each other in stride, acknowledging flaws and overcoming obstacles, and continuing to be at each other’s side, going at a rate that is comfortable for them both.

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Christi Whitson can be found on:
Twitter: @christiwhitson
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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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