“Chance Encounter” by Christi Whitson —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Chance Encounter’ (Fates Aligned Book 1) by Christi Whitson::

Genre: Contemporary Romance; Realistic Fiction

What started as a writing exercise ended with me giving a hot guy a fake number. Not my finest hour. I never thought I’d see Donovan again, but he turned up in the most unlikely of places. And this time, he’s made it clear he has no intention of letting me get away.

When I saw her in that cafe, my whole world shifted. I didn’t want to spend another second of my life not knowing her. She enchanted me from the very first glance, but almost every word from her lips was a lie. And when she gave me a fake name and vanished, it seemed fate was determined to make me a fool. When I finally found her again, the bombshell she dropped would’ve sent most men running. But I’m not most men. And even the mother of all roadblocks won’t stop me from claiming her.


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“Chance Encounter” is a very well-written and charming romance. I love the plethora of scenarios Christi Whitson uses in order to show how love can find everyone.

The story follows Kennedy, a writer who has offered to be her best friend’s surrogate after the couple is unable to get pregnant themselves. Although she is young (26), single, and has no kids of her own, she is more than willing to help her loved one’s biggest wish come true.

The book starts with Kennedy’s encounter with a handsome chef, Donovan, who came into the coffee shop where she was writing. He greets her as ‘Emma,’ the name she gave to the barista. One of Kennedy’s writing tactics is to go into public acting as a fictional character. Embarassed that she has tagged the guy along with a fake story, she leaves him with a fake number and plans to never see him again.

However it is soon revealed that Donovan is in fact the uncle of the child she is now carrying. Although happy albeit surprised to see each other again at the pregnancy announcement, both wonder if the situation will inhibit them from having a relationship.

Kennedy’s and Donovan’s journey is filled with overcoming obstacles, both emotionally and physically, that will have a bigger impact on their families and the unborn child than they realize. Not everyone is happy with the arrangement and the couple receive backlash from friends and loved ones which does nothing to help the questions about each other they already have. A beautiful read.

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Twitter: @christiwhitson
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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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