‘Constant’ by Christi Whitson —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Constant’ (Constant Flame Duet Book 2) by Christi Whitson::

Genre: Contemporary Romance; Suspense; Coming of Age

“Hold on, baby. You are NOT allowed to leave me, Eleanore. Do you understand? Just hold on. You’ll be okay…”
Tears streaked over his soot-stained cheeks as he whispered into her ear, unwittingly repeating the very words he’d used to soothe her when they were four years old.
“Stay with me. I’ll keep you safe.”

Fate brought Owen and Lena together against impossible odds, but darkness looms ahead. When their lives are once again rocked by tragedy, they’ll find themselves clinging to the only thing they have left: each other. The world may burn to ash around them, but their love remains Constant.

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After falling in love with Lena and Owen in the first book, I’ve been looking forward to reading this sequel. While ‘Ember’ focused mostly around the traumas these two endured growing up, ‘Constant’ is a story more about the continued growth of their relationship as it develops into adulthood and marriage. It’s about how the young couple faces their first real struggles as adults and as a family.

Lena has become a target by an unknown, yet suspected source after her suspicions of foul play within her father’s business. Working with friends and law enforcement, she and Owen must find evidence while dodging vicious threats and violence. They may have absolution in each other, but it’s clear that even those called ally may not share in the purity of their plight. The question is, can they figure it out before too much is lost? Before their minds fall victim to new traumas.

The most wonderful part about these books is how the love Lena and Owen share is never in question between themselves. They face everything together. They trust each other to the extent they can share everything without fear. Despite tragedy, uncertainty, and all that the world throws their way, their love and their willingness to do right by each other never falters. It is this strength that gets them through numerous trials which otherwise they would have succumbed to.

Lena and Owen are a definite power couple. The beauty of their dedication gives the audience hope in their own lives. That being said, ‘Constant’ also delivers multiple scares as to the safety of their relationship, their livelihoods, and their very lives. I quite literally could not put it down. I needed to know that love would save the day no matter what was faced and what was lost. Full of suspense, heart, action, and drama, ‘Constant’ is both an amazing sequel to a favorite romance as well as an amazing book that could stand on its own.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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