FREE BOOK!— ‘Beach House Burning’ by T/James Reagan


‘Beach House Burning’ by T/James Reagan


“Beach House Burning is being called “The Feel Bad Book Of The Summer.”

While serving as a sequel to Reagan’s first novel, Lovetrust, a reader can pick this book up without having read a page of Lovetrust and will still have a full experience.

Set a decade-and-a-half after Lovetrust, Beach House Burning finds Kurt Jones reconnecting with his friends from high school. During this reunion, each friend reveals that their life hasn’t turned out how they thought it would. The only one who achieved their childhood dream is Levi Banes, who’s now a Spotify-famous country music star. With the profits from his constant touring, Levi has purchased a beach house, and his idea is for everyone to spend a couple months in this house on the New Jersey shore as a “summer vacation” where they can address what’s dragging them down. In the days following the dinner, one-by-one, each character shows up at the beach house, and what follows is a summer of introspection, arguments, and self-discovery.

Exceptionally current, ambitiously told, and completely fearless, Beach House Burning is a return to the notion that a novel should be “word from the front” showing us how we live, while serving as a snapshot of a of a specific time for future generations.”


T/James Reagan can be found on:
Twitter @T_jamesreagan

If you read, please leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever else you can. Reviews help authors tremendously! Also don’t forget to check out the author’s other work if you enjoyed this story. I will be reviewing this title shortly.

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