FREE BOOK!— ‘Roseblood’ by Emily Shore


‘Roseblood: Book 1’ by Emily Shore

Genre: Young Adult, Vampire, Werewolf/Shifter, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Download FREE now! I don’t know if/when this offer will end!

Royalty is her blood, but ruling is her destiny.
As the human in a city of vampires and werewolves, Reina Caraway is no stranger to supernatural situations,
but waking up in a vineyard with a bloody rose and a dead body at her feet is a little extreme even for her.

Unknown bruises on her back only complicate her situation.
With a prophecy on her shoulders fating her to rule over both races in Le Couvènte, Reina has her fair share
of pressure. Add her growing supernatural abilities, a stalker murderer able to cover up her scent, two rival
vampires training her while competing for her heart, and even the Queen enlisting her aid, it’s just another
typical day in Le Couvènte. Roseblood has the perfect recipe for murder, mystery, romance, and suspense set
against the decadent Redwoods and wine-soaked backdrop of Northern California.”

Download FREE now! I don’t know if/when this offer will end!

Emily Shore can be found on:
Twitter @EmilyBethShore
Author Website

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