FREE BOOK— ‘In Your Dreams’ by Robert Sanborn

41m5poDyqSL‘In Your Dreams’ by Robert Sanborn

Genre: Dark, Thriller, Fantasy, Occult

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In the dead of night, in the Witch City of Salem, a man is stalked in his dreams by a secret society. They watch from the ether. And they know things about his past that stretch back to the darkest times to ever happen within the city’s limits. They will not relent until they get what they’ve come for.​

Massachusetts General Hospital ER Nurse Henry Trank, desperate for answers and for the dreams to stop, confides in Joanne … the beautiful, green-eyed barista at the Cracked Cauldron coffee bar. Henry shows Joanne a horrifying video of his latest episode, and they soon realize they’re in over their heads.​

They seek the help of a powerful Wicca practitioner and leader of Joanne’s coven, Wanda Heinze, and parapsychologist and past-life regression expert Dr. Archibald Love.

After watching the video, Wanda knows what she’s looking at … and it’s nothing good. She wastes no time in sending Henry to Dr. Love to get to the bottom of it all. What the doctor uncovers during Henry’s session is a secret so unexpected and dangerous, it could mean disaster for all of them … or worse.

Download FREE today only!

Robert Sanborn can be found on:
Twitter @robsanbornauth
Author Website

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