‘Nostalgic Tendencies’ by a.r.h. —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Nostalgic Tendencies’ by a.r.h.::

Genre: Poetry

Nostalgic Tendencies is a collection of poetry about perseverance and suffering, about the experience and loss of innocence we all confront at one time or another in life. With honesty, poignancy, and nuance, a.r.h. grapples with the fleeting feelings of love and dread and the interweaving of the two in life. Nostalgic Tendencies captures the raw and pure nature of humanity as he reflects on the grandest and smallest moments in one’s existence. From exhilarating highs, to heartbreaking lows, his words capture the love and grief we all experience. His words will stick with you as you move forward with an appreciation of what life has to offer.


This poetry collection is an amazing reflection of the human experience. With beautiful imagery, shown not only through words, but with black and white photographs, the reader is drawn in, feeling that the author’s thoughts are their own.

It tackles love, longing, uncertainty, perseverance, hope, peace…all the emotions and existential question that I dare say taunts everyone at some point in their life. A prime focus seems to be the need for or fulfillment of connecting with another person and either realizing or seeking one’s own place in the world and even the universe.

‘Nostalgic Tendencies’ is a wonderful debut. I look forward to what a.r.h has to share with us next.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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