FREE BOOK!— ‘Snarkey & Putts 1’ by Joe Eliseon



‘Snarkey & Putts: Paranormal Attorneys-At-Law 1’ by Joe Eliseon

Genre: Humor

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Jack Snarkey, the oiliest of lawyers, explains it one more time to his hapless junior partner, R. Andrew “Andy” Putts, III, Esq. Their two-man law firm’s Operating Agreement sounds fair, but no matter which way you turn through its maze of subsections and subparagraphs and incorporations by reference, one thing never changes: at the end of the month, Putts ends up with the short end of the financial stick.

This month, Putts has only one chance to bring home the bacon – the big fee he and Snarkey expect for handling the Menninger arbitration case. Their clients, two old-biddy spinster sisters, May and June Menninger, are fighting with their even older spinster sister, April, over their late father’s substantial estate. If only Putts can get the arbitrator, the sympathetic but slow-as-molasses Judge Arnold S. Levine (ret.), to issue his long-delayed arbitration decision, maybe he can make some money.

Download now on Amazon for FREE!

Joe Eliseon can be found on:
Twitter @JoeEliseon
Author Website

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