FREE BOOK!— ‘The Portrait’ by Evelyn Chartres

51Uvr1DGaEL._SY346_‘The Portrait’ by Evelyn Chartres

Genre: Dark; Fantasy

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“A vision from the past becomes a writer’s deadly obsession.”

The Portrait is a Gothic fantasy about Victoria Frost, an author who develops an unhealthy obsession with her character. As events unfold, her obsessions turn on her which forces Victoria to question her sanity. Is she simply slipping deeper into madness or are there other factors at play?

The Portrait features a mixture of contemporary and historical scenes brought forward as Victoria explores the world of her muse. Using both prose and art, every scene yields new pieces of the puzzle that provide insight on the origin of her character’s portrait, and the model captured within.

Discover how a vision from the past becomes a writer’s deadly obsession.

Download for FREE on Amazon!

Evelyn is an amazing author who offers all her books absolutely free even though they are well-worth paying for. I have not yet read ‘The Portrait,’ but you can see my reviews of two of her other books: ‘The Van Helsing Paradox’ and ‘The Grand’ and keep an eye out because I will be reviewing all of her stories.

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