‘When Told Out Loud’ by Jarosław Świącik —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘When Told Out Loud’ by Jarosław Świącik::

Genre: Poetry

Jarosław Świącik makes his poetry debut with a memorable and moving body of work, which focuses on whispers of love and what could have been—had they been felt or spoken out loud. This chapbook centers around emotion in effort to capture the intangible moments between people, and what was perhaps lost in translation along the way. The author, from Poland, is currently working on his second book—If She Knew, a series of prose coming in 2021.

This is a fantastic debut into the literary world. I think we’ve all wondered how things might have been different had we said or not said, did or not done something. Even something simple or inane. Would our lives be better? Worse? Did we make the right call by neglecting a word or had that been what messed things up?

Poetry is known for exploring the vast array of human emotion and expression, but ‘When Told Out Loud’ tackles not only those more obvious emotions, but human doubt and uncertainty about what is really going on between ourselves and another. By my view, this is one of the most challenging feelings because even when assured how things are and what is in another person’s mind, we never really know if it’s the truth. That only leads to more speculation about the consequences of what we say or do.

It wasn’t just an awesome idea, the poetry was expertly written. The reader can envision it, feel it, connect to it. Świącik helps their audience explore these moments, even come to terms with them. I can only imagine how heart-tugging Świącik’s upcoming prose will be.

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You can find Jarosław Świącik on:
Twitter @jswiacik
Author Website

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden



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