FREE BOOKS!— ‘Planet G’ Books 1 & 2 by Jerry Underhill

‘Still Human: The Colonization of Planet G book 1’
‘Still Human: The Colonization of Planet G Book 2’
by Jerry Underhill

Genre: Action; Adventure; Philosophy/Spirituality

Mankind’s earliest steps to expand beyond Earth have been taken. The Copernica Corporation has shot toward the stars in a bid to colonize the newly discovered Earth-like world of planet G. Armed with the world altering technology of its CEO and founder, Dr. Wallace, and driven by all the incentives of being first, they’d rushed and somehow missed something they never thought they could.

Having set off into the wilderness on his own, the expedition’s minister, Huston, discovers sentient beings. The sudden shock quickly consumes the minds of just about everyone. Together they must balance the realities of corporate finance and moral good as they interact with the planet’s ecosystems and lifeforms.

Can they make a home where thinking and feeling beings already live?
Can they be friends?
Or will the Old World consume the Newest?

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