‘In Your Dreams’ by Robert Sanborn—BOOK REVIEW

About ‘In Your Dreams’ by Robert Sanborn::

Genre: Occult; Suspense/Mystery; Thriller; Paranormal Romance

They know his secret…they hide in the ether, waiting…

Henry Trank, Mass General ER Nurse is running out of time…

In the dead of night, in the Witch City of Salem, Henry is stalked in his dreams by a secret society. They know things about his past that stretch back to the darkest times to ever happen within the city’s limits. They will not relent until they get what they’ve come for.

Henry turns to the only soul in Salem he can trust, (and just happens to be crazy about) Joanne, the beautiful green-eyed witch and owner of the Cracked Cauldron coffee bar. Henry shows Joanne a video capture of his latest dream episode and they soon realize they’re in over their heads. Joanne calls her friend and the leader of her coven, Wanda Heinze, a powerful Wicca practitioner, for help. What Wanda finds on the tape forces all of them down a road that could lead to safety … or ruin.

The cover art, premise, and even the author bio really drew me to this book and I’m delighted to say the story did not disappoint! It includes so many of my favorite things: realistically based witchcraft, astral travel, spiritual gifts, dreams/nightmares, demons, reincarnation, spiritual/existential conjecture- just to name some. The author has somehow created an atmosphere that is both somewhat quirky and fun while also dark and edgy.

I was amazed at how well Sanborn was able to keep the suspense going. To be perfectly honest, I kept thinking I’d figured the story out only for another piece of information to be revealed and throw me for a loop. That kind of unpredictable plot line is difficult to achieve and Sanborn seemed to pull it off with ease. It is one of those books where you need to pay good attention just because there are so many layers, but you’ll find this easy to do with how the author writes the character’s recollections and explanations of important details.

The book’s opening scene immediately jumps into the action and mystery. It seems for a bit that things are not too complicated and the reader will have their answers fairly easily as the story progresses. However (and I love this about the book), when one question is answered, five more come about. In some cases, it is even revealed that what the characters/readers think they know is not the case at all. The more you read, the more you need to peel back those layers and understand what is really at the heart of everything. It definitely keeps you on your toes.

On that train of thought, the conclusion was entirely satisfying. The author brought every single detail from the story together and tied it up like a nice little gift. Overall, a very interesting plot that (forgive the cliche, but it’s most apropos) keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Something extra I got from this book which was unexpected, was the romantic part of the plot. And it was such a good paranormal romance! I try to keep from spoiling things in my reviews so what I’ll say is the casual way in which Sanborn slips in his take on soul mates and love is beautifully perfect. This aspect of the story gave even more heart to an experience already chock full of emotion. So if these kinds of things interest you and you’re ready for an intense ride, please go ahead and dive into ‘In Your Dreams!’

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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