FREE BOOK!— ‘From Darkness’ by C.K. Ruppelt

‘From Darkness: A Novel of the Ancient Roman World’ by C.K. Ruppelt

Genre: Historical Fiction: LGBTQ+

In the first century BC, under the backdrop of actual historical events, a series of characters from all walks of life struggle with their circumstances:
– Their old life destroyed, a young Numidian and his nephew sign up as auxiliary archers for the Roman legions and ship out to Hispania
– Their homeland overrun, the fierce Celtic men and women warriors of a small clan of the Gallic Aedui nation see Caesar and his legions as the last hope for them and their families.
– A young freed-woman in the Italian countryside needs her brother the most when he’s far away, fighting for the Ninth Legion in Gallia
– Julius Caesar’s early personal life and history are the anchor for various converging storylines
As destinies interweave with the Ninth legion’s history, the need for community and belonging unites people across different cultures.

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Author can be found on:
Twitter @CK_Ruppelt
Author Website


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