‘Naked Desires’ by Samuel Silver —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Naked Desires (book 2 in The Naked Series)’ by Samuel Silver::

Genre: Erotica; Romance; Drama; Bisexual

Unrequited lust. Relentless jealousy. And an unwinding road to bisexual revelations.
Alisha’s only desire is to writhe with passion over Mac’s tight body as he strokes her to a sweet and bone-quivering release. She yearns for his enflaming touch. Lusts for his fervent kiss. Itches for his penetrating embrace.

But someone stands in her way.
A blonde hourglass figure in a tight miniskirt sits outside Mac’s office. She’s his devout secretary. She constantly interrupts Alisha’s intimacies. Forever wedged between her and Mac.

All the while, Alisha fights her own decadent demons.
A lithe redhead in her prime years ignites a concupiscent flame in Alisha’s body like she’s never experienced before. She lavishes Alisha’s frustrations with intimate massage sessions, sending ripples of debauched pleasure coursing through her voluptuous frame. Suddenly, Alisha is forced to face the bisexual reality of her carnal appetite.

Alisha must save her marriage before she loses her husband forever.

But can she overcome her own temptations and stay faithful to her one true love?

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The note the first installment of this series left off on had me eager to know more so I was thrilled to hear book 2 was coming out! Rather than continue the linear storyline, it recounts other sides to the story including more details on what the reader thinks they understand happened.

This is the first time I can recall reading a book/series that recapped in such a way and it was an awesome experience. I highly doubt it is something many writers can pull off without the story seeming repetitive, inconsistant, or old hat, but Samuel Silver did an incredible job. The old saying about two sides to every story is certainly well-relayed here. It was like just knowing a couple more things that went unsaid in the first book, almost entirely changed the situation in many ways. Even upon finishing book 1, the coming surprises and intrigue of book 2 could not have been properly predicted.

‘Naked Desires’ carries on with the uniquely interesting storyline that ‘Naked Secrets’ introduced while also bringing more hot and heavy sexual encounters, nail-biting drama, and endearing characters. Sometimes I’ll get bored after a couple or so books in a series, but just as last time, I’m ready to find out what happens next. I’m still rooting for Mac and Alisha and strangely enough, the “villains” of the series as well (no spoilers).

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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