‘Build a Gary Workshop’ by Daniel Forbes —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Build a Gary Workshop’ by Daniel Forbes:

Genre: Short Story; Science Fiction; Romance

A tale of love, and becoming a cyborg.

Art by Kathleen Fulton (Twitter @kayfun333)

Partial proceeds go to Tintic Motorcycle Works and Museum

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Here we find an extra story from the universe of Daniel Forbes’ ‘Yetti Boys.’ I think you can read either this story or the novel first and still properly enjoy both. ‘Build a Gary Workshop’ gives us a look inside some of the less prominent (but still important) characters of ‘Yetti Boys’ Book 1 and even some new ones. It’s an adventure full of fun, cleverness, and neat future/scifi aspects that I believe all ages will enjoy.

Underappreciated at a company he holds together, Gary sets off to steer his focus on more enjoyable efforts. Those being his love of motorcycles and his knack for not only building, but designing complex vehicular machinery. On his journey to making it on his own by constructing luxury quality motorbikes for sale and becoming the official owner of the oldest motorcycle in existence, he comes across new people with new opportunities he could have only dreamed of. The questions are: are they worth what he loses? and will his wit and intelligence see him through?

I do hope to see more of Gary (and Candace) in future stories! They are really great characters. To be honest, most if not all of the characters in this story are. They each had endearing qualities and personalities in their own ways. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from the author than an adventure mostly full of people fun to love (not to say there aren’t villainous characters). Daniel Forbes always seems to put a lot of depth to his characters which makes them feel both real and lovable.

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Daniel Forbes can be found on:
Twitter @DanielsTales
Facebook @DanielsTales
Author Website

Illustrator Kathleen Fulton can be found on:
Twitter @kayfun333
Facebook @kayfun333

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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