‘What the Crap?’ by Daniel Forbes —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘What the Crap?’ by Daniel Forbes::

Genre: Anthology; Paranormal; Autobiographical; Romance; Adventure; Science Fiction; Fantasy

With titles like How to Bacon Wrap a Vampire and Customers are Parasites how could you resist such an odd collection of stories. Some stories are biographical, and some come from the weird corners of my mind, good luck figuring out which ones are which. There are ghost stories from a small town, and from other places. Welcome to the wild ups and downs of my stories.

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I loved Daniel Forbes’ ‘Yetti Boys’ and this anthology lived up to the expectations his other book gave me! (Also shoutout to Kathleen Fulton for the awesome artwork on both books)

This collection of short stories has a bit of almost everything. Ghosts, secretive organizations, romance, adventure, social message, mental health/illness, paranormal twists, time travel, fantasy… There’s no set genre, but the overlying atmosphere of the book is positive. Not to say there weren’t dark or otherwise grim/weary parts; just that the majority of the stories held what feels like the author’s personal brand of positivity.

My favorite stories were:
‘How to Bacon Wrap a Vampire’ (and its followup- ‘Who Eats Who?), which centers around a vigilante cannibal.
‘Mules,’ where one girl’s adventure changes the life of boy from years past.
‘Shoe Tree,’ a sweet yet heartbreaking life of a tree and a wayward spirit that really left an emotional impression on me.
and ‘Merick’s First Solo Hunt,’ the story which apparently inspired the author’s novel ‘Yetti Boys’ (a book I also recommend reading).

But to be honest, I enjoyed all of them. Especially the ones I suspect were the ‘biographical’ stories mentioned in the book’s about section. Such as ‘My Life After a Kilt’ which has me wanting to purchase one for myself lol.

It’s definitely great for a few afternoon readings! Regardless of what genres you’re into, I’m sure you’ll find something to love about ‘What the Crap?’

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Daniel Forbes can be found on:
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Illustrator Kathleen Fulton can be found on:
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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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