“Yetti Boys” by Daniel Forbes —BOOK REVIEW

About “Yetti Boys” by Daniel Forbes::

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Two wild boys on a treasure hunt on a distant world, and they meet a creature that changes their life. A young woman rising above her family’s legacy with her best friend, an Artificial Intelligence that is hundreds of years old. This book has everything from black powder muskets to laser guns and space ships.


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“Yetti Boys” is a unique coming of age story not only about the two boys from the Yetti family, but of a young girl tasked with finding that family. It’s an endearing and adventurous science fiction with elements of fantasy (or so they appear at this point in the story).

Merrick Yetti and his brother John Jenkins are mischievous yet cleverly mature ten year olds who live in a loving, albeit poor, culture on their home world. Those in this close-knit society farm, trade, and look out for one another. It begins on their birthday where they are given their first weapons: muskets from their grandfather and special knives from an elderly friend.

The boys wind up killing a dangerous and seemingly magical creature, earning their right as men (and newfound abilities from the beast’s spirit). But while they explore their newfound status, another is searching for their grandfather in an effort to assassinate him. This person is none other than sixteen year old Cynthia, the daughter of an esteemed cooperate family.

I love the outline of the two very different worlds the children are from and the effects these atmospheres have on their personalities. Both grow up in places where survival is ever-present, but the atmospheres greatly contrast. While the boys are used to hunting, farming, and a compassionate people, the girl is accustomed to vast technology and a violent atmosphere in which everyone is an enemy. As well, there are things of legend and magic the boys grow into while the girl’s perspective is entirely science-based.

The whole story is intriguing and endearing as the reader learns about the various aspect of the universe and wonders how things will end when the three finally meet. A great balance of darkness and light, the varying effects of circumstance on the psyche.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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