FREE BOOKS!— ‘Yetti Boys’ +4 Short Tales by Daniel Forbes

‘Yetti Boys’ by Daniel Forbes
Genre: Science Fiction; Adventure; YA; Coming of Age

This novel comes highly recommended and is currently perm-free on Smashwords as well as these four short stories from the same universe: ‘Rats,’ ‘God Rat,’ ‘Build a Gary Workshop,’ & ‘Fencepost Bandit.’

Here are my reviews of ‘Yetti Boys’ and ‘Build a Gary Workshop.’ I will be reviewing the others shortly and have no doubt they will hold up just as wonderfully.

Please be sure to leave a review for ‘Yetti Boys’ on Smashwords, Goodreads, and/or Amazon! Or leave a review for the shorts on Smashwords!


Get them all FREE here!

How to put EPUB or MOBI files onto your Kindle App/Device!

Daniel Forbes can be found on:
Twitter @DanielsTales
Facebook @DanielsTales
Author Website

Illustrator Kathleen Fulton can be found on:
Twitter @kayfun333
Facebook @kayfun333


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