‘Full Circle’ by Regina Timothy —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Full Circle’ by Regina Timothy::

Genre: Contemporary Fiction; Women’s; Religious Fiction

Eight years after the 9/11 attacks, Samia-Al-Sayyid an Iraqi immigrant is living a quiet life in New York City after she fled her home to avoid imminent death.

She works hard for her cold, heartless, high-strung boss, loves her seventeen-years-old-son, and cherishes the close friendship she has formed with her best friend Susan.

Nothing can go wrong, or so she thinks – until the estranged brother she left back in Iraqi shows up on her door step. Then she finds herself in a cab, on her way to the hospital to identify her son, a terror suspect who has blown the city, and with it her boss’ husband, and her best friend’s son. With everything lost, she is forced to flee to Iraq where she confronts her past. Will she make peace with her past? Can she get forgiveness for all the damage she has caused?

Full Circle is a contemporary fiction tale of friendship, family, and hope. It explores the devastation of loss, the great capacity to forgive and the lengths our loved ones will go to protect us.

I can’t honestly say enough good about this book. If you’re a fan of contemporary fiction or stories that show the bare bones of human emotion or the intensities of the human experience, you will love ‘Full Circle.’

It’s a raw look into the faces of racism, sexism, and hateful blindness that takes you on an incredible journey that shows just how easy it is to become the monster, while proving that things are not as simple as they seem. The overwhelming message of the story is to understand and forgive both ourselves and others; to continue to strive for kindness.

Despite that bright optimistic purpose, this story is actually quite dark and very, very real. It delves into the psychology of how bullying effects both child and adult; how personality and experience changes a person’s response to the same thing; and why some villains have become so. The story centers around Iraqi immigrant to the US Samia and her son, but the author also branches out into other characters to explore these psychological aspects with a collection of varying personalities/experiences.

The title is perfect because in the end, things do seem to come full circle. It’s more than wrapping everything up nicely in the conclusion; the author has done an amazing job at bringing every character’s experience together in a way that is somehow both haunting and inspiring. Overall, a beautifully written, well-thought out, and enlightening read that I think many of us could learn from.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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